Is it me or is my girl Sade Baderinwa doing the most on primetime nigthly news?!

I have always been a fan of  “Folasade Olayinka Baderinwa” aka Sade Baderinwa as her disposition is seemingly quite regal (SB: Her first name, “Folasade”, means “Honor confers a crown” originating from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria ~ so I guess that confirms my impression of her). She’s always professional, poised, well-spoken, and does great things in her community as well as her charitble contributions. Ok so right now I feel no need to go over her Bio (it’s hers not mines), but what I will do is ask, “has anyone else noticed her body lately?” I mean over the years her weight has fluctuated and her transformation is not drastic. However with regard to muscle tone, posture, and her waist-line, I can tell her workout program has changed.

Ms. Baderinwa is looking quite fierce and über tight in these recent months, GO SADE!


Sade Baderinwa ~ Channel 7 News Anchor

Sade Baderniwa ~ Channel 7 News Anchor


Sade Baderinwa

Sade Baderinwa ~ Channel 7 News Anchor

I wonder if Mrs. Sade’s getting her Insanity Workout Program on?!…cause uhmm Mr. Shaun T is a BEAST!!!



2 thoughts on “Is it me or is my girl Sade Baderinwa doing the most on primetime nigthly news?!

  1. You’re not the only one, I was curious myself. Lol It seems Sade really has stepped up her workout regimen. Not to mention, she goes sleeveless quite often, which makes it obvious. Sade is expressing her “Right To Bare Arms”; she’s got some guns on her now!

    In addition to wearing sleeveless dresses that compliment her toned arms, her excellent posture and shoulders give her upper body a strong appearance; especially when standing in front of the camera (like above). With the camera adding an extra 10lbs, she looks built.

    Without second guessing, just by looking at her, you could tell that she is physically a lot stronger than she was a few years back. Also, seeing her next to Liz Cho and the other female cast, Sade looks like the alpha female among them; she looks so much fitter, stronger and of course sexier.

    • Hi Jet Juagar! Yes you just gave me life with “The right to bare arms.” I love Liz Cho too but uhm Ms. Baderinwa is putting the entire NY/NJ morning and nightly news to shame! She looks great and yes Alpha-Woman is definitely the correct phrase!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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